Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and a very warm welcome to James Richards Circus 2018”

As the public sit down to enjoy our show very few realise the planning and team work involved in each performance , Behind all the glamour and bright lights is a team of hardworking staff who bring the circus to life in over 30 venues each year.

The artist you see in the ring is the same lady selling tickets on a cold spring morning, or the ringmaster can be seen putting up the posters at the next venue. Without each member of the teams hard work our Circus would not be possible. Circus can trace it’s origins back over 200 years and has been evolving ever since. 2018 sees the very first tour of James Richards Circus and we are proud to have put together an international programme, with a mixture of comedy, glamour, skill and danger, making sure your visit to our Circus will leave many happy memories.

We look forward to seeing you at the show. 

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